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Hot Off the Press….

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Thought for the Day….

--“You can never cross the ocean if you don’t have the courage to lose sight of the shore." --Christopher Columbus     
--“Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.”           --Thomas Edison  

This ain’t no fish tale…..NEW RECORD!

As reported in The Dallas Morning News on June 21st, Chapter 5 President Bob Cummings is in the record books.  Bob set a new Texas fly rod record for largemouth bass reported caught in private waters when he landed an 8.69 pounder on May 31.  The bass was 25½  inches long, and easily eclipsed the old record of 5.93 pounds.  As of this printing, Bob wasn’t revealing the location of the catch.  In any case, congratulations to Bob! 
 Click Here for photo.

How I spent my Summer Vacation
….the adventures of Charlie Redd

Charlie Redd recently returned from a trip to the Middle East….Dubai, to be exact.  For a quick read on Charlie’s week on the African continent, Click Here.


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2010 Teachers Retreat @ North Lake College?

The 2009 Teachers Retreat recently concluded in the Houston area at Montgomery College had 38 high school educators attending a 3 day event to learn about land surveying and how to incorporate  surveying into their school lesson plans and classroom teachings.  For 2010, North Lake College in Irving has been asked, and has accepted, the opportunity to submit to host the event next June.  The college will present its application at the next TSPS Board Meeting, to be held in Austin on Saturday August 29th.  The Chapter 5 Executive Board has tentatively approved the assistance of Chapter 5, and Chapter 2 (Ft. Worth) has accepted an invitation to assist Chapter 5, combining two strong, progressive Chapters and their members and resources.  This will be a great opportunity for both Chapters to pull resources and work together to put together an event that will cater mostly to area high school educators, where existing survey programs at Duncanville H.S. and Birdville H.S. are shining examples of the fruits that can be gleened from such activity.  But first things first…the formal application to the TSPS Board.  At least one other venue will likely apply, Midland College.  Stay tuned for further developments.





Courses to be offered at the North Lake College, West Campus (DFW ED Center), Royal Lane and 14th Street, Irving, TX in the Fall Semester 2009. Registration is now open.

Classes begin August 17th.  Click here for link to Scholarship Application.

SRVY 1301 Introduction to Surveying (2 hr. lecture, 3 hr. lab, 3 credit hours)An overview of the surveying profession. The history of surveying and its impact on the world. Review of the mathematics used in surveying. Introduction to basic surveying equipment with emphasis on measurements. Instruction on surveying procedures and the limitation of errors. Calculation to determine precision and error of closure. Prerequisite: SRVY 1315 or must be taken at same time. Four-four hour-Saturday Labs will be required.  Will be offered Wednesdays 6:00 to 9:30 PM.

SRVY 1309 Surveying Measurements (2 hr. lecture, 3 hr. lab, 3 credit hours)An introductory course covering the equipment and hardware of the profession necessary to measure horizontal and vertical distances, in accordance with prevailing and applicable professional standards, e.g. standards of the National Geodetic Survey, state and local statues and regulations, professional standards, such as the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors.  Prerequisite: SRVY 1301 and SRVY 1315. Four-four hour-Saturday Labs will be required.  Will be offered Mondays 6:00 to 9:30 PM.

SRVY 1315 Surveying Calculations (3 hr. lecture, 3 credit hours)An induction to the mathematics used in surveying and mapping, including algebra, plane trigonometry and plane, solid, and analytical geometry. Prerequisite: None. Will be offered Mondays 6:00 to 8:45 PM.

SRVY 2305 Geographic Information Systems Applications (2 hr. lecture, 3 hr. lab, 3 credit hours)A hands-on course with computer applications providing additional conceptual understanding of geographic information systems and practical applications using a variety of Geographic Information System software. Prerequisite: SRVY 1309. Four-four hour-Saturday Labs will be required.  Will be offered Wednesdays 6:00 to 9:30 PM.

CNBT 1391 Surveying - Legal Principles I (3 hr. lecture, 3 credit hours)The study of location, conveyance, ownership and transfer of real property under the laws of the State of Texas. Emphasis on the history of disposition of public land, interpreting written descriptions, dignity of calls and evidence, record search of public and private land records and preparation of a deed sketch. Will be offered on Thursdays 6:00 to 8:50 PM.  This course will substitute for SRVY 2343 Surveying - Legal Principles I in the degree program.


In the Rearview Mirror…

---The June Chapter meeting had a strong turnout, with 45+ attendees.  Chapter 5 members Glenn Breysacher and Wayne Terry presented one of the most interesting programs in some time on an apparent vacancy they discovered in Garland.   The presentation included many lessons for the attendees, both professionally and ethically.

  Also, recent area Trig*Star winners were guests of the Chapter, and both winning students and teacher were recognized and presented their monetary awards.  


---Update from the June 12 TBPLS Board meeting in Austin: 

  Paul Mannel and Chris Freeman were in attendance in the packed TBPLS hearing and report on several items of interest.  First, dues for license renewals appear destined to be going up each of the next 2 years.  It was Chris’s understanding that by 2011 license renewal fees will be up to $400.  Also, the Board will decide by November 1st of this year on how many CEU’s will be required by RPLS’s (remains 8 CEU’s for 2009).  Recent legislation gives the TBPLS the authority to require up to 16 hours per year, beginning in 2011.  It was also stated that RPLS’s will be responsible for keeping track of their CEU’s, and that the TBPLS will randomly audit 5% of the registrants to check compliance.  Board Investigator Garey Gilley presented the complaints update, and stated that the Board is on the verge of aggressively enforcing the Act relating to unsigned/unsealed survey documents (mainly pipeline easement exhibits) being produced related to oil and gas activity.  There was also lively discussion on what constitutes sufficient monumentation.  Two new public members to the Board were introduced, a Title lawyer from San Saba and a P.E. from Southlake.  The Board awards 4 CEU’s to meeting attendees.


---Update from the recent Texas Legislative session:

  The recent legislative session ended in a rather disappointing manner….but hey, welcome to politics!  The session included several items impacting licensed Surveyors.  First, attempts to derail Qualification based contracting of professional services came under assault, but was beaten back several times in part due to a strong response from TSPS members.  However, this will be a recurring subject that we will need to monitor.

  The TSPS initiative related to the GIS Disclaimer (HB 1677 & SB 1320) appeared headed for approval, but ultimately was not passed due to the antics that stalled the entire legislative process.

  The TSPS initiative related to increasing the CEU requirement (HB 3114) was tweaked in that the TBPLS has the authority to require up to 16 hours per year, and that must be decided by the Board by November 1st of this year. 

  TSPS members should be aware that the state Governmental Affairs Committee, chaired by Pat Smith, did an outstanding job of monitoring the legislative process, and worked diligently to protect and promote the interests of Surveyors.  Legal Counsel Mark Hanna was instrumental in this process.  Members should also recognize the continued importance of contributing to SurPac so that TSPS continues to have the ability to protect and promote the survey profession.


---Update from the TSPS June 13 Board Meeting:

  Chapter Rep Chris Freeman was in Austin for the quarterly Board Meeting.  The Board was updated on the recent activities of the Texas Legislature and TBPLS (see above).

  At the Annual Ray Wisdom BBQ and Auction held in Zilker Park following the Board Meeting, Chapter 5 donated a Browning 12 gauge shotgun, and a very nice rod and reel, as auction items.  The shotgun brought $1000, and the rod and reel hooked another $275, with all proceeds benefiting the survey scholarship fund of TSFI.  The overall amount netted at the Auction, with auctioneering duties by Chapter 5 member George Collis, was reported to be $6,300.00.


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    Welcome new Member!

    Chapter 5 has another new Member.  Welcome to Amy Rodriguez to the Chapter 5 family.  Hope to see you at an upcoming Meeting!



    Congratulations new RPLS’s and SIT’s

     As posted following the June 12 TBPLS meeting, the following Chapter 5 area people are recognized for their recent success in passing the RPLS licensing exam or SIT certification exam: new RPLS’s Andrew Galindo and Tim Mankin, and SIT’s Michael Billingsley and Christopher McCluskey.  They all will be invited as guests to the July Chapter meeting to be recognized, congratulated, and welcomed.  Be sure to seek them out and congratulate them on their success.


    SIT & RPLS Exam Study Groups 

    The Study Group will be inactive for the next few months since the recent exams were just concluded in late April.  The Saturday group study sessions most likely will reconvene in August, in preparation for the scheduled October exams.  In the meantime, anyone anticipating taking either of the October exams should utilize the next few months organizing their study materials and getting a jump on their preparations.  You can never start preparing early enough.

    You can also keep track of group meetings and access study material through the following two Yahoo groups: 



    Contact Jason Jernigan (214-346-6204) for information regarding the Study Groups and schedule.





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    Update on Invitation to former President George W. Bush……

    Back in late December of 2008, Chapter Program Chairman Chris Freeman extended an invitation to soon to be ex President Bush to attend a Chapter 5 meeting once he returned to Dallas and needed some good Tex Mex cuisine and a friendly bunch to enjoy it with.  Well, Chris recently received a call from Bush’s local office informing him that the ex President’s schedule is pretty full right now, but that the former President appreciated the invitation and will keep the offer in mind for the future.  A follow up call and conversation was had, and Chapter 5 was asked to resend an invitation in about six months.  So, you never know who might show up at the next Chapter 5 meeting


    Out On the Horizon….

    The next Chapter 5 meeting will be held Tuesday July 14th at the Cantina Laredo Restaurant on Lover’s Lane.  Guest Speaker will be Davey Edwards, RPLS, LSLS who will present a program on the Resources of the General Land Office.    Attendees will learn of the many sources of useful information that is available to them, many of which can be accessed online.  Come join us for good food, great camaraderie, and interesting professional food for thought and discussion.


    Opportunities for You….

    TSPS Public Relations Committee is Soliciting Your Input

    The State PR Committee, chaired by Chapter 5’s Chris Freeman, is asking for your input, ideas, and suggestions for a project.  The Committee is putting together information to make available to members and their firms related to Frequently Asked Questions.  The idea is that you could have a link on your website or a printed brochure available for your clients and/or the general public that explains different aspects about a survey, types of surveys, survey requirements, etc. so that people desiring survey services can better understand the process.  But, without input from members, this effort will not be as strong as it could be.  Forward your ideas to Chris via email at cfreeman@bhinc.com so that the Committee can incorporate your ideas in their efforts.  FYI, Chapter 5 has a FAQ link on our website.  Take a look at it for ideas.


    Chapter 5 Elections

    Time is fast approaching for the annual Chapter elections.  For any volunteer organization the lifeblood is its members.  Chapter 5 has a strong history of being a leader due to an active and progressive membership.  New blood is essential for our continued success, as new ideas and approaches lead us into the future.  The Nominating Committee, Chaired by Raul Wong, Jr., is actively seeking candidates.  Specifically, we will need at least 2 new 2 year Directors.  The positions represent a commitment, but should not be viewed as a burden.  Please consider serving as the Chapter and profession move forward.


    Chapter Committees

    No Committee Reports submitted.


    Certified Survey Technician Exam information…August 8th exam (Denton)

    A CST exam is being planned by Chapter 2.  The date is Saturday August 8th, and the location will probably be at the University of North Texas campus in Denton.  Applications can be accessed via the state TSPS website ( www.tsps.org ), then click on the Education/Certification tab.  For  details, contact Sharon Coleman by phone at 940-565-8215, or via email at scoleman@colemansurveying.com.


    Newsletter Contributions

    If you would like to offer an article or share some news or information, you are more than welcome to do so.  The Newsletter is a service to Chapter 5 members, and your contributions are encouraged.  Whether it is a technical offering, a historical article, or just a neat photo or link that might be of interest to our members, please forward it for inclusion so that all may enjoy.


    ---next TBPLS Board Meeting to be held in Austin on July 31, 2009.  The TBPLS awards 4 CEU’s to attendees of their meetings.  Check the Board website for a location map (www.txls.state.tx.us ).


    ---next TSPS Board Meeting to be held on August 29, 2009 at the Airport Hilton in Austin.  Strategic Planning will take place at the same location on August 27-28.  This is a yearly gathering of members to strategize the direction and priorities of the organization for the next year, and beyond.  Remember, the organization is only as strong as its membership, so try to do your part to contribute.  And if you can’t attend, feel free to contact those Chapter members who typically will attend (Bob Cummings, Wayne terry, Richard Ortiz, Chris Freeman) so that your ideas can be heard.


    Safety First…..Make it a Priority

    Click here for links to various Safety websites that might be helpful to your firm and staff.


    July 14 --- Davey Edwards: Resources at the General Land Office
    August 11 --- Garland Police Chief Mitch Bates: Forensic Surveying
    September ? --- Joint Meeting with Chapter 2
    October 22-24 --- TSPS Annual Convention in Austin
    November 10 --- Leon Curtis: Flood Elevation Certificates

    Chapter 5 Meetings are held at:
    Cantina LAREDO Restaurant
    165 Inwood Village, Dallas, TX 75209
    (Southeast Corner of Inwood & Lover’s Lane, next to Inwood Theater)
    Phone: 214/350-5227 www.cantinalaredo.com
    Social/Dinner Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (order from the menu)
    Chapter Meeting: Business @ 7:00 pm, Program @ 7:30

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